Saving energy with an electric blanket

Want to save energy at home? Then consider an electric blanket instead of turning up the heating or using extra blankets to stay warm. Many people feel cold in the evening or at night. You can then use an electric blanket to warm up your bed, for example. This not only saves energy, but can also help reduce your energy costs.

Our electric blankets are also made of wonderfully soft fleece materials and have a built-in heating element that you can set to different temperatures. Our cuddle blankets have 3 settings and the Luxum electric blankets as many as 10 settings.
Electric blankets are multi-functional to use, think of being nice and warm on the sofa reading a book or watching TV, pre-heating the bed before going to sleep, or warming up at night when it gets cold. This can help keep the bedroom at a comfortable temperature without having to turn up the heating.

Electric blankets are easy to use and safe. Because our blankets are equipped with an auto timer as safety features, this prevents them from getting too hot. They are also easy to wash and maintain (follow the manual with washing instructions).
If you are looking for ways to save energy at home, consider using an electric blanket. It is only a small investment, but it can definitely help reduce your energy costs in the long run, and it is also nice and cosier under an electric blanket.

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