What is an electric footwarmer?

An electric foot warmer is a convenient and pleasant tool to warm your feet and/or toes when it is cold. Actually, a foot warmer is a kind of blanket or heat pad that features an electric heating element that you can set to different temperatures. You can use an electric foot warmer anywhere to warm your feet (obviously). For example, when you are at work, or to warm your feet before going to bed. It’s an easy way to keep your feet and toes warm without having to turn up the heat, so it’s also energy-saving!

Our electric foot warmers are made of comfortable soft materials such as fleece and PV (plush fleece) and are easy to use. All you have to do is plug the foot warmer into an outlet and set the temperature to the desired level. Our electric foot warmers also have a timer function and turn themselves off after 90 minutes, which is quite safe.

Lofum electric foot warmers are safe and easy to maintain. The inner lining is easily removed and can be washed at low temperature. If you are looking for an easy way to keep your feet warm, consider purchasing an electric foot warmer. For just a few Euro’s, it can give you many years of comfortable warm feet.

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