Heat is the connecting factor.

If you easily get cold, want to save energy, or suffer from painful/cramped/stiff muscles, then Warmyou is the right place for you. We cannot avoid high energy costs, and it is a significant burden on our monthly budget. The only thing we can do now is to try to reduce those monthly costs. Warmyou wants to contribute to this by turning down the heating significantly and not heating the space around you, but yourself. Consider that in the evenings, you can also enjoy watching TV or reading a good book while snuggled up under an electric blanket. This not only saves on your energy costs, but it also feels cozy.

Heat betters blood circulation.

It could also be that you regularly suffer from painful/cramped or stiff muscles, in which case our products can also provide good relief. Heat promotes blood circulation in cramped muscles and helps to relax after a tiring day. There is a suitable solution for every spot, such as a neck/back warmer or a multifunctional heat pad that you can use anywhere.

Who is behind Warmyou?

That is not difficult, and we do not keep it a secret. Warmyou is a brand of the company Maroy B.V. This company was founded by three entrepreneurs from the Twente region. Roy Middelbos, Koos Mavrakis, and Martin Stegehuis have completely different backgrounds but share the same idea. We want to do things that make us happy and that can help, guide, and support others. We want to go to work every day with pleasure!

This is how Warmyou was also created. Helping people with personal warmth products, in the broadest sense. Our search for high-quality products that we, as entrepreneurs, can still add value to, has led us to these electric blankets, neck and foot warmers. In addition, our Warmyou collection will be expanded with other heat products such as outdoor heaters, fire pots, and so on.

From good to quality.

Maroy B.V. is continuously looking for good products to which we, as entrepreneurs, can still add value. Fine-tuning that extra bit so that the quality of a product is improved. Excellent products are developed, but that does not mean that those products are good enough and/or cannot be improved. We see our added value in this, with an eye for detail/quality, product knowledge, and insight for the appearance, we want to offer high-quality (improved) products. So that we are an added value and can offer consumers more value for their money. We are therefore engaged in new product development, improvements, and new innovations. For this, we work together with various universities and colleges. After all, the youth is the future!